Faculty profile: Shannon Zachary

Shannon Zachary

Shannon Zachary, adjunct lecturer at UMSI and head of the Department of Preservation and Conservation at the U-M Library

Shannon Zachary (MILS ’93) is an adjunct lecturer at the School of Information and head of the Department of Preservation and Conservation at the University of Michigan Library. She has been teaching preservation classes at UMSI since 2006.

Currently teaching

SI 581: “Preservation Administration”

Academic projects

Shannon’s vision for the U-M Library is a preservation program with the capacity to preserve all materials of enduring value that the library collects, whatever their format. To that end, she advocated for and created the library’s first digital preservation librarian position, initiated an ongoing project in digitization of rare/unique audiovisual materials for preservation, and has been expanding the conservation program.

The library’s Department of Preservation and Conservation was one of more than 15 organizations that hosted UMSI interns for the “Engaging Communities to Foster Internships for Preservation and Digital Curation” IMLS grant project headed by UMSI Professor Elizabeth Yakel. Shannon participated in this project on two fronts. She served as a mentor for interns and as a member of the advisory board that helped define and develop the skills digital preservation employers seek from UMSI grads. As a hiring supervisor she saw first-hand the dramatic impact this progam had on the competencies and resumes of graduating UMSI master’s students.

Shannon recently received a Rutherford John Gettens Merit Award for outstanding service to the American Institute for Conservation for 10 years of service as editor of the Book and Paper Group Annual. Her current research interest is the changing technologies of book manufacture through the 20th century and the resulting consequences for preservation.

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