King Award: Drew Dyer

John L. King Award: Drew Dyer

John L. King Award: Drew Dyer

Last year, in honor of our new bachelor of science program, and to honor the professor who devoted many years of effort to its development, UMSI created the John L. King Award to recognize an outstanding student in the undergraduate program. This year, UMSI presented the award to Drew Dyer.

Dyer was one of the first students in the BSI program and provided input and asked questions that helped shape the program. His pioneering spirit was revealed as he navigated a new academic program that hadn’t yet been ranked by the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps, in which he is also enrolled. He maintained a rigorous course load as he participated in his NROTC training schedule and activities.

He was involved in recruitment and peer advising programs and helped to promote the opportunities available to BSI students while providing guidance to prospective and newly admitted students.

Last summer, between his junior and senior years, Dyer was an intern at Boeing in Seattle, where he worked with a team on streamlining processes and saving online storage costs for the company’s website.

Now, Dyer will begin his five-year commitment as a newly commissioned naval officer.

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