Mann Award: Natalie Yee

Mann Award: Natalie Yee

Margaret Mann Award: Natalie Yee

Faculty at UMSI nominate students for the Margaret Mann Award, the first and oldest student award at the School of Information, and this year selected Natalie Yee.

The award was established in 1938 by the University of Michigan Library Science Alumni Society to honor Associate Professor Margaret Mann upon her retirement. Professor Mann was the first external faculty member to be hired into the new department of library science when it was created in 1926.

Annually, one or more students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability and professional promise are selected by the faculty for the award.

According to the faculty member who nominated Yee, she led the team of students who organized and ran the fifth annual World Information Architecture Day at U-M in February, and by all accounts it was a first-rate event.

Yee began working on a succession plan for World IA Day well in advance of the event she herself was spearheading. As a result the planning and leadership are already in place for next year.

Other comments made in nomination of Yee were that her coursework was impressive and she is a natural leader, the promise she has shown is compelling, and she carries herself with confidence and curiosity.

And, her sense of humor did not go unnoticed. “She is fully present in class and even openly mocked her instructor in her group’s final presentation, with exceedingly good humor and sportsmanship.” As was noted when she received the award, anyone who can mock an instructor and still get him to nominate you for the Margaret Mann award does indeed show great professional promise.