MSI profile: Candice Yono

Candice Yono

Candice Yono: Top ASB fundraiser pursues dual degrees but still finds time to bake

First-year MSI student Candice Yono appreciates the power of social media, which she effectively harnessed to become the top individual fundraiser for Alternative Spring Break (ASB) using Over the month-long campaign, February 11-March 8, Candice raised $2,016, bringing in about two-thirds of that amount online. An astute campaigner — and avid cook — she sweetened her pitch by raffling homemade dinners and baked goods to those who contributed to her cause.

In addition to raising the most money as an individual, Candice volunteered to lead the Citizenship and Social Justice team, one of the five theme teams competing to raise the most money to defray costs of ASB. “I think ASB offers a tremendous opportunity for UMSI students,” says Candice, “and I wanted to get more involved in helping to make it happen.”

She spent her ASB in Washington, D.C., where she worked for a week in the Office of Art and Archives of the House of Representatives. While there, she contributed to a number of projects, including writing for a blog on historical trees around the Capitol, archiving photos and documents such as political cartoons from the Civil War era, and creating a finding aid for the History, Art, and Archive website of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.

“As a history major, I was fascinated looking at old photos and political cartoons from another century,” she says. A highlight of her week came on her last afternoon, when she was invited to tour the treasure vaults of the National Archives, which houses such precious documents as originals of the Bill of Rights and Franklin Roosevelt’s annotated copy of his speech announcing the US entrance into World War II.

The week-long volunteer experience in Washington aligned well with Candice’s interest in history and library science. At Michigan, she is enrolled in both UMSI and the School of Education, and over the next two to three years she plans to earn master’s degrees in both information and higher education. In her day job, she is acquiring practical experience as a user information services assistant working at the university library and is considering a career in an academic library, though her growing interest in HCI has her considering the field of instructional technology as well.

Taking a year off following graduation from Oakland University, where she majored in history and French, Candice spent eight months in eastern France teaching English to elementary school children. Here at Michigan, she continues her involvement with international education as a volunteer on the International Center’s student council, which works to advise and assist current international students and strengthen ties with U-M’s international alumni.

As top fundraiser for ASB, Candice receives an iPad, which should prove useful in her avocation as food blogger and preservationist of her family’s Chaldean culinary heritage. Find her on, on Facebook as Boushala, and on Twitter as @cooksboushala.

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